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The goal of this lesson is to be able to navigate a shopping experience in the grocery store with increased confidence in their language abilities. With these lessons, students will be able to:

  • Identify items in the grocery store & describe shopping habits

  • Describe grocery items needed

    • Quantities and sizes

    • Colors

    • Characteristics of groceries

  • Compare stores

  • Locate the items in the store

  • Recognize the value of dollar amount charged

  • Complete the checkout process

  • Exchange/refund an item at Customer Service


These lessons were designed with the idea that each instructor will approach them in a different way to meet student needs and interests. Flexibility and scaffolding are built into all six sub-topics.

Bag of Groceries

Identify the

Paying for Groceries

Prices of
the Groceries

Woman Shopping for Groceries

Location of

Grocery Store Worker

Areas of the
the Store


Describe the

Paying at the Store

The Checkout

Complete Lesson Plan Design of the Shopping Lesson

This document offers a thorough view of the scope and sequence of the Grocery Stores & Shopping Lesson.

Grocery Shopping
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