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iSOSY created Goal Setting materials to give service providers and students a platform to discuss the importance of setting goals and the tools to get there. Those working many years in migrant education noticed that students - OSY in particular - are often confused when asked about their goals. Many have never had the opportunity to really think about what they would like to accomplish in their lives - academically or otherwise.


Instructors Guide


Student Goal Book - English


Student Goal Book - Spanish

Goal Setting Assessment Rubric

The Goal Setting Assessment Rubric is used to record the instructor's overall impression that the student is grasping the purpose and practice of setting goals. A score on the simple rubric below may be recorded for all students who have completed the program’s Goal Setting instruction session(s), whether or not they participate in the Guided Student Self-Reflection. The Guided Student Self-Reflection Rubric can be used after each component or at the end of the learning experience. Each component contains a "doing" statement and a "feeling" statement based on the lesson objective.

Goal Setting Student Self-Evaluation

The Goal Setting Student Self-Evaluation is designed to help students consider where they are on the journey toward fulfilling goals. It may be used to assist both students and service providers in determining the most accurate score on the Goal Setting Assessment Rubric, while also providing space for the student to reflect and describe their experience.

“When You Move”

The Student Goal Book includes a “When You Move” page for students to enter their own information, as well as the name and contact information for their service provider. In the event of a move, the student may share this with their new Migrant Education Program service provider, allowing them to continue with their goals and learning plan without too much interruption.


Students may also use the portable Personal Learning Plan in order to create a version that they may keep and share with any new service providers in the new state.

Portable Personal Learning Plan - English

Portable Personal Learning Plan - Spanish

Learning Plans

Personal Learning Plan - Provider Version

The Provider Version allows the service provider to keep track of students and their progress.

Personal Learning Plan Student Version – English


Personal Learning Plan Student Version – Spanish


Goal Setting Training

Goal Setting Training PowerPoint


Goal Setting Student Scenarios for Training


Printable PDFs from Instructors Guide:

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