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IDRC offers technical support to all member states, including technical support teams that are deployed in states with an identified need for improved quality assurance in interviewing, re-interviewing, and making student MEP eligibility determinations or through effective Professional Development trainings on a myriad of topics. In addition, through TRI efforts IDRC states send and receive recruiters to strengthen IDR efforts and provide professional development to staff.


ID&R Tips for OSY is a compilation of proven strategies that work when identifying and recruiting secondary-aged out-of-school youth. They were developed by recruiters who have been successfully using these strategies for many years. 

This resource highlights some of the commonly seen barriers and challenges that OSY recruiters and service providers face when they are working with this diverse population. Also provided are several suggested strategies that other recruiters have used successfully to overcome some of these barriers.

This tool was developed to assist states with their ID&R recruiter training. The tool can be used with new recruiters or as a refresher for seasoned recruiters. It was developed as a collaboration project with the ID&R consortium and the OSY consortium.

The ID&R Manual (Field-Based Identification & Recruitment of Out-of-School Youth) was created to help recruiters new to the field review strategies and tips for working with this population, including how to recruit OSY, what questions should be asked, and activities that can be useful in the field. The activities in the module may be used separately, based on the experience level of participants in training.

This presentation was developed by SC MEP staff to assist states in their efforts to create effective mapping systems to pinpoint possible places to recruit as well as a way to document needed follow-up efforts.

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