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The iSOSY Consortium is excited to offer a new course being piloted for summer services in our member states. This Spanish-language course, How to Run Your Own Business (Como Lo Hace...Tu Propio Negocio Pequeño), helps students learn the basics of what it takes to be a successful business owner. 


Take some time to preview the course and discover seven content lessons and one review lesson - each designed to answer a specific question about entrepreneurs. Students can do the lessons in order or choose specific areas that interest them.


The lesson was reviewed during our March TST meeting and members offered valuable feedback for this pilot version. We welcome more feedback from anyone who uses the program this summer. Visit the Contáctenos page to fill out a simple form.


Lastly, we need your feedback with this pilot project. Please complete one Pilot Product Review Form per state and email to Marty Jacobson at Thank you for your help!


How To Run Your
Own Business

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