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English for Daily Life Lessons for OSY are online lessons developed for students to be able to begin studying English through a variety of lesson materials and resources.

Credit Card

Banking & Numbers
* Updated Format

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Stores & Shopping
* Updated Format


Car Parts & Insurance

Finger on the Map

In Your Community

Emergency Vehicles

* Updated Format


Your Health

Online tools are a useful part of the EFDL curriculum. Learn how to set up your own accounts here so that you can see your individual students' results over time:


Quia, Quizlet & EdPuzzle Account Instructions

In the Introduction to New English for Daily Life Lesson – SHOPPING Webinar, consultant Michelle Bastiani leads an overview of the English for Daily Life lesson all about SHOPPING. The presentation explains the ideology behind the lesson and the many digital tools designed to enhance this lesson for English Language Learners. Participants walk through the lesson itself and may watch the follow-up webinar English for Daily Life: An In Depth Look at Specific Strategies that details the online tools available to enhance the lesson, whether in person or virtually.

The English for Daily Life: An In Depth Look at Specific Strategies Webinar is a follow up to Introduction to new EFDL Lesson – SHOPPING and will help participants get familiar and comfortable with important online tools, EdPuzzle, Quia, and Quizlet, used to engage students in new and exciting ways. Consultant Michelle Bastiani walks through creating your accounts, as well as account for your students, and how to use the tools with confidence.

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